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Shizuoka Izakaya Hopping Tour






オプション例(静岡の味覚 一例)



Shizuoka Izakaya Hopping Tour

A licensed English tour guide will take you to traditional Izakayas where local people gather. It might be difficult for tourists to find those places by yourself as they vary in sizes and location.
So, C'mon and enjoy Shizuoka cuisine with us !

This tour first starts with seeing the night view of Shizuoka city. As we walk through the vibrant downtown, we'll take you to the spot where traditional Japanese pubs called Izakayas are located. You may feel as if you traveled back to Japan in 1950s.

One of our recommendations is Shizuoka-style oden. Oden is a dish of vegetables and fish cakes simmered slowly in a fish-based broth seasoned with shoyu (a Japanese sauce).

Suruga Bay, which is abundant in fish and shellfish, stretches across Shizuoka city.
Here are some examples of Shizuoka cuisine other than Oden;

a) Try tasting locally caught fresh bonito, small shrimp, and young sardines. Also be sure to try delicious tuna.

b) Please don't forget to try sake, or rice wine ! Sake is made from quality water from Mt. Fuji and rivers in Shizuoka. The taste is aromatic and dry.

The tour finishes when you order some oden we recommend you give a try.
Enjoy your meal and the atmosphere that comes along with it, and don't forget to give your regards to the Master (This phrase refers to the owner of the place. He is usually called this. If it's a woman she is referred to as Mama)

If you would like to taste other dishes, optional activities are available.

( By Ryoko )

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